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Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday's Entrepreneur: Donna J. Potter

Personal Finance 4 The People is pleased to team with others who are able to share their expertise in various areas. We hope to combine our efforts to bring a greater financial effort in order to help you reach YOUR Financial Independence. Today's guest post comes to us from J. S. Aikens.

We often hear about the cost of “doing business” but how often do you consider the cost of a career?  For Donna J. Potter, the cost of her “well paying” career was too high.  As a paralegal who was working 12 – 13 hours a day she was told rather than consulted about her schedule.  Donna describes her career as “very political” and “not a good fit”.  Too often she had to rely on family members to help with daily parental tasks as simple as picking her children up from daycare.  Her family was young and some days she was just too exhausted to be a parent

Mrs. Potter felt stuck and trapped. Like most families they required both her and her husband’s incomes. Though she wanted to quit her job, it covered a substantial portion of the family’s living expenses.  In the midst of her inner turmoil she witnessed the more balanced lifestyle of her two brothers.  They were both entrepreneurs and enjoying the personal freedom she longed for.  One of her brothers owned a delivery company and the other ran an online business as well as a ministry. Donna had come to the realization that no amount of money was worth her personal freedom.

Donna’s opportunity to create the life she wanted came in a form that the average employee dreads. The company she was working for merged with another law firm.  As a result of this merger, staff cuts and layoffs ensued.  Many of her colleagues were praying that their jobs would be spared.  One person even had an anxiety attack.  As the day wore on, Donna found herself becoming depressed because she felt that she might be kept on staff. When she was called in to speak with one of the partners, he was reluctant to let her go. Donna, however, felt that her “prayers had been answered”.  She accepted the severance pay and benefits and used that time to look for a home based business.

That was nine years ago. In that time Donna J. Potter has created a substantial stream of income in a company that supports her passion – health and wellness. The "It Works" Body Applicator Contour Systemshe markets has remarkable internal and external results. When asked about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship she shared a perspective that could be seen as both.  “When you are in business for yourself there is no one you have to be accountable to.”  It is important that the same discipline, commitment, and application of your skill-set that you are committing to someone else, is applied to your own business.

If you are considering stepping into the world of the self-employed individual, Donna shared three prerequisites:
1. have the discipline to follow through for yourself
2. find your passion because all money is not good money
3. be a people person.

Donna can be reached via email Find out more about this amazing product at  “Ultimately”, Donna says, “once you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.”

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