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Friday, January 13, 2012

Warren Buffett Tells Republicans Put Up $$ or Shut Up

Yahoo! Finance posted the article recently entitled Buffett to Republicans: if you pay, so will I in which he tells the members of the Republican members of Congress he will give $1 of his own money for every $1 they put towards the National Debt! And $3 for every $1 put up by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. This move by Buffett isn't his first attempt to get Republicans, and Democrats for that matter, to contribute more of their millions to help the U.S. get out of debt. 
Mr. President, this is my plan to get the U.S. out of debt...
This idea came from a NY Times article Buffett wrote where he basically said the top 1% should be taxed more than everyone else. Hmmmm, makes sense to me. The top 1% have more money than the other 99%, so why shouldn't they be taxed more? They get more tax breaks, so I doubt giving a little back wont hurt their pockets. Of course, those in the 1% aren't happy about anything Buffett is saying lately. In a reply, McConnell said Buffett should extend this offer to Democrats and to President Obama. Hopefully, they will step up!  
Mr. McConnell, what's wrong with Mr. Buffett's plan?
I think McConnell is missing the point, or maybe he is sly like a fox. Either way, his response is typical of the way many Republicans think towards their contributions to our country. "They" have and we don't. If Buffett, who has more money than these Congressmen, is willing to hand over his own money to help get our country out of this mess, why wouldn't the Republican Congressmen be willing to do what they can to help save our economy?

I like the concept behind Buffett's proposal and strongly feel more of the top 1% should do what they can instead of putting the pressure on us. We can't afford life these days. More people are sliding from "middle class" daily and these millionaires are getting richer. That's pretty selfish.

I know Republicans don't like to "support" those that don't have - including those Republicans that don't have and still feel they are supported by their Republican Party when they aren't - and feel the downfall of our country is do to us and no the tax breaks they have been given. Remember it takes a villiage....not just to raise a child, but to support a society.
Help me save our country!
So.....Republicans and your wallets and step up to Buffett's challenge! Help stop our country from falling further and further into debt.

Do you think the Republicans will step up? The Democrats?

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