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Friday, June 28, 2013

Save $$$ with an Online Personal Trainer

Personal Finance 4 The People is pleased to team with others who are able to share their expertise in various areas. We hope to combine our efforts to bring a greater financial effort inorder to help you reach YOUR Financial Independence. Today's guest post comes to us from Candise Jordan.

Let’s face it with the busy lives we lead today it has become close to impossible to work with a personal trainer. I have pretty much stopped working in person with clients due to both my & my clients busy schedules: school, kids, work, illness, family emergency, car troubles, traffic, travel etc. session after session would get cancelled, money gets wasted, and who wants to lose $$$?

Then I had an “aha” moment. These days you can pretty much do ANYTHING online… work, order food, shop, go to school, so why not workout with a personal trainer online also?

Many people try to save money by joining office gyms or Planet Fitness which offers affordable memberships BUT what they lack is guidance. So you end up wasting time in the gym doing ineffective exercises, bouncing from machine to machine burning limited calories, doing exercises improperly and not getting the most from your workout!

After a month or so of not getting results you eventually quit. Hopefully you didn’t sign a contract because if so then you’re still getting charged and now you’re not even using the gym L

On the other hand with the guidance of a personal trainer you would receive effective personalized workouts based on your goals, your fitness level, and your schedule. You would have someone to both motivate you and hold you accountable. Someone to demonstrate the exercises for you and educate you on the muscles you’re working & why.

The catch is to receive this personalized attention can get quite pricy. The average Personal Training session ranges between $40-$100 per one our session. That can add up quickly!!!

So how do you get guidance without breaking the bank???
You guessed it…. An Online Personal Trainer!

Not one of those cheesy, one size fits all computer generated sites that creates workouts based on minimal personal information and uses national standards. Choose an ACTUAL Certified Knowledgeable Instructor that takes into consideration YOUR TIME, YOUR ABILITY, YOUR GOALS, YOUR EQUIPMENT, YOUR TRAVEL, ETC. A real person to coach you through your workouts, monitors your food & workout logs, hold you accountable and push you towards your health & fitness goals.

You have to be careful because there are a lot of non certified trainers who not only pose as trainers but will recommend supplements & create nutrition plans without any formal training. It gives us passionate trainers a bad name.

So does online personal training really work?

THAT DEPENDS ON YOU!!! After completing a detailed fitness & nutrition assessment I personally create your individualized program. All workouts are efficient using the Latest Scientifically Proven Methods to train your body. Now your job is to FOLLOW THE PROGRAM! Every time you log in a workout it comes straight to my phone so I’m always available to track your workouts, update your workouts, answer questions, etc. If you do not log in I will contact you to see what’s going on & to re-motivate you!!! I have seen EXCELLENT RESULTS!!!!

Is it safe?

Yes, the programs are just as safe as if you were home watching a fitness video. I’m not there to spot your form but you are provided with exercise demonstrations as well as detailed instructions & tips on performing each exercise. You can print the workouts and take it to the gym with you or even watch the routine from your Smartphone. The bonus here is the ONE ON ONE ATTENTION!!! If you have joint problems, limited equipment to no equipment, back problems, etc. I can create the workout for YOU!

What does your online personal training include?

Unlimited access to your My Active Profile, Interactive meal and workout plans that are developed specifically around your goals & schedule, recipes, grocery lists, health & fitness articles & tips, progress tracking, over 2,000 exercise demonstrations, 1-on-1 messaging, community forums, support from your peers, mobile access & much more!

If you are interested in learning more about Online Personal Training. Email to receive your FREE Consultation!

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