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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tips to Get Organized

We all have too much stuff. Mostly things we don't use, wear, or even remember. We don't need this stuff, if we did we would use it. Often times, things replace feelings and people and we become weighed down by the things we have instead of feeling satisfied. Less is more. For tips on decluttering, check out this website.

So what can you do to cleanout our closets and life?


Look at your closet. How many items do you actually wear?

To make sure you are wearing the clothes you have in your closet, you can do a couple things: the pitch and toss or seperate your closet into 2 sections.

Pitch and Toss - Simply sort what you wear and like from what you don't.

Seperate Your Closet into 2 Sections - As you wear something, move it to the wear section. That item is safe. After a set period of time whatever is left in the don't wear section, get rid of it.

Now that you have seperated what you wear from what you don't, what can you do with the clutter? How about donating them to Goodwill, or your local thrift shop? Give the items to a family in need. Sell them on Ebay.

A good wardrobe has all the essentials covered. Check out the essentials for men and women.


Books, magazines, and paper are a huge source of clutter. We read them and let them pile up. Try selling books on Toss old magazines or dontate them to your kids school for art projects (make sure they are age appropriate). Old papers can be pitched or filed away for safe keeping. How long do you keep important papers?


Toss it! Organize it! Simplifiy it!

Now that we are organized, don't you feel more at peace and less frustrated?

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