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-James W. Frick

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Lessons Learned from World's Biggest Dreamers

One of my favorite shows on TV lately is Oprah's Lifeclass.  Oprah's Lifeclass is a self-help program that showcases "all of Oprah's lessons, revelations and aha moments over the past 25 years broken down to help make your life better, happier, bigger, richer - more fulfilling." Each episode revolves around a central topic or lesson that teaches viewers how to live their best life. Winfrey and her co-hosts share their ideas, thoughts, and reflections about the lesson, and the show features interviews with guests whose life experiences relate to each topic.

On a recent show she shared 6 Lessons she has learned from the World's Biggest Dreamers...

* Set your goals so high that you can't achieve them in one lifetime.
* Have ever chaning goals.
* Buid and go further.
* Have a vision.
* Believe.
* If it's not hard, your not dreaming big enough.

Check out more of Oprah's Lifeclass...

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