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Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday's Entrepreneur: FM Media Group and Some Great Deals

*Scroll down for an amazing deal!*

FM Media Group is an independent arts based media company providing high quality, professional level artistic and promotional pieces at reasonable rates, catering to our ideal market of progressive, small-to-medium sized companies and projects. We utilize photography, commercial design, videography, web design and social media to create materials for marketing and promotions campaigns, and to raise the level of identity, awareness and consistency of clients and affiliates.

Our client base ranges from independent to mainstream, and covers industries from entertainment to politics. Our ideal clients include:

-Musical Artists and Affiliates (Labels, DJs, Producers, etc.) 
-Visual Artists (Directors, Filmmakers, Painters, etc.) 
-Fashion Artists (Designers, Make-up Artists, Hair Designers, etc.) 
-Companies & Firms (PR, Publicists, Political/Social Campaigns, etc.)

Our expertise, professionalism and overall desire to provide quality product will contribute positively to your project. We are also open to Design/Visual Partnerships, Affiliations & Contracts for event, campaigns and projects.

Our Founder/CEO, MORGAN – a recognized musician and degreed videographer – and our President/Art Director, Sabrina RenĂ©e – a nationally published photographer and professional graphic designer - have several years of combined industry experience, working for the likes of VH1, BET, Radio One, the American Black Film Festival & Charles Garris, formerly of the Go-Go Band ‘Rare Essence.’ FM Media Group is the first joint venture of the two, which has already proven to be extremely successful with the initiation of artist showcases, promotional service support and visual and design partnerships with both local and national groups, events and organizations.

Twitter: @FMMediaGroup | Facebook: FMMediaGroupDC | Linkedin: FM Media Group | Email:

I would like to thank FM Media Group for offering a special deal for our readers...

Check FM Media Group out for all our media and marketing needs!

FM Media Group has been nice enough to offer a professional or promotional design for $50 (business card (dbl sided), flyer (dbl sided), website banner, mixtape cover art, etc...) $25-$50 discount, depending on the project.

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