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Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday's Entrepreneur: Sonja Bowman and Loving Sentiments

Personal Finance 4 The People is pleased to team with others who are able to share their expertise in various areas. We hope to combine our efforts to bring a greater financial effort in order to help you reach YOUR Financial Independence. Today's guest post comes to us from J. S. Aikens.

          Are entrepreneurs born or made? In Sonja Bowman’s case one might answer “both”.  As a child she would save her candy and sell it back to her mother.  By third grade, she was selling candy to her classmates.  By the time she was in high school, she had earned the nickname “Candy” and was pulling in about $150.00 a week. Sonja’s strong work ethic followed her throughout college where she maintained 21 credits and 2 part time jobs.
Upon receiving her degree from Bowie State University in Accounting and Finance Sonja embarked on her career in the workforce.  Working for the government and in the private sector kept her busy but she maintained her creative stream of income with her gift basket business.

In 2007, Sonja began her ministry, delivering the Word of God as she was “led to do”. She also found a product that she liked, aroma beads. With a winning smile, and charismatic demeanor, she built an extensive customer base. Her customer demand was so high that she eventually had to bypass her supplier. Then in 2007 she suffered a career ending accident. During an ice storm she slipped and fell, injuring her neck, back, and pelvis.  Sonja’s injuries were so severe that she spent the next three and a half years heavily medicated and unable to sit or stand for more than 5 minutes at a time.   Doctors at Johns Hopkins wanted to avoid surgery so it took extensive rehab and prayer to regain the full use of her limbs.

            Sonja had just met her second husband who she credits with being an amazing support system. She says Brock has “always been supportive in everything I’ve done. His support helped center me and help me find my passion and tap into all the things I enjoy doing.”  Entering her fourth year of unemployment, Sonja had revamped her gift basket business.  While attending a conference a product caught her eye. It was a Bible notebook.  She went home and prayed for “Daddy” (as she refers to God) to teach her how to make journals.  She was told how to make them and what scriptures to include. Since that time Sonja has created well over 100 different journals in three different styles.
They can be personalized to order for loved ones, groups, organizations and conferences. Her journals are so popular, they will now be offered in John 3:16, a Christian bookstore in Lanham, Maryland.

       When asked what she wanted people to remember Sonja, replied ”Your gift will make room for you. When you are in His will and following your purpose, provisions will be made.” For more information contact Sonja Bowman, owner of Loving Sentiments at or    

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