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Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's Entrepreneur: AMA Pro Racing - Hillclimb

Monday's are the hardest day of the week, we like to start the week off on a positive note. We want to bring you stories of people like us who have turned a passion, hobby, talent, or skill into something that provides them with either full-time or part-time income.

When I was growing up, my cousins tried to get me on a motorcycle because that's what they did. But they didn't just ride motorcycles, they rode dirt bikes up a big hill. It was the craziest thing to me, but they were really good at it. I didn't even know that riding a dirt bike up this big hill was as big as it is.

Ok, so the point of the sport is to ride motorcycle up this big dirt hill, without falling over. The fact that actually making it up this hill on a motorcycle probably takes a lot of strength and my cousins where skinny little kids amazed me. Maybe Hill Climbing is also about strategy.  But these skinny kids were good at making it up this hill. I was weird to me. They had trophies all over the place, some bigger than my cousins. Trophies for riding a motorcycle up a big hill.

My cousins seemed to be always traveling somewhere to race but I didn't get a chance to see this in person until I was in high school. My grandmother drove way down this country road and all of a sudden there's a lot of people and a big hill. It was crazy how many people there were.

Let's move some years to the present time. My cousin still rides motorcycles up a big hill. Her husband rides a motorcycle up a big hill. They are pretty good, I guess.

Pro Sport Class

Actually, that's my cousin there with the #3 plate. Yeah, the only girl in the picture. 

Amanda Campbell

So, my cousin is a professional athlete. Probably not the person 
our family thought would be the pro athlete. Ha! But she is and she is apart of the AMA Pro Hill Climb Racing Club and does a lot to give back to the sport and to various charities. It's a growing organization, Like the Polar bear Plundge.

Like all other organizations that are looking to grow, they need partners, sponsors, and donors. It would be great if they could find some out there somewhere. 

In return for being a sponsor, the organization is willing to advertise at events and on social media outlets. And I'm sure they are willing to make a great deal in exchange for sponsorship. Contact them to find out how you can help!

Check them out on Facebook
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Check out their website

This is basically what hill climbing is. I think...

"We are looking for companies to partner with and "sponsor" and we will advertise at the events and on social media for them. There are lots of options."

Why not help someone dream that they have worked so hard to earn?

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