Don't tell me where your priorities are.

Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are.

-James W. Frick

Plan YOUR work! Work YOUR Plan!

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Magic Number to Walk Away From it All

Lotto fever had taekn over last week, as the Mega Millions hit $640 Million. Some lucky people hit the numbers and have more money then a huge chunk of the the country. This got my friend and I thinking, If we hit the lotto, what would we do?

We had two totally different answers. Of course! I went the super safe, "I'm still going to work and live a normal life", boring answer. While my friend, the most outgoing of us, picked the obvious answer. She was going to live the life and enjoy life.

So, let me ask you, what would be the magic amount it would take for you to walk away from your current life? How much would you need to walk away and live the life you always wanted to live?

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