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Thursday, April 19, 2012

100+ ways to make $100: #17 Resell SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is something that websites often use in order to prove that their website is secure. This certificate is digitally "signed" by a certificate authority that people already trust after they verify the identify of a secure site.  Many website visitors need to know a site is secure before they submit payment or personal information, so webmasters NEED the SSL certificates. You can become a partner with any company that offers SSL certificates and resell them on their behalf. These companies either will either sell their SSL certificates to you at a discount, and you can resell them, or they will offer you incentives based on the number of sales you make. You can find examples of such incentives on or on

In order for you to become a partner to resell SSL certificates, here are some steps you can take:

* Browse the net and make a list of companies that offer SSL certificates
* Sign up for partnership account with the company
* Identify potential customers and make the sales
* Provide a list of number of sales you made for the month to the company
* Enjoy the sales incentive How much revenue can I make by reselling SSL certificates?
*   If the company with which you have become a partner offer sales incentives, then it depends on the number of certificates you sell and how much that particular company is offering.
* If the company with which you have become a partner offer certificates at discounted prices for you, then your profit will be the margin that you keep for yourself.

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