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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions Don't Last But Planning Does

Every year we all make New Year's resolutions and every year those resolutions last about as long as a Kim Kardasian marriage (cheap shot..I know I know...but everyone else is doing it...).
One of the most common resolutions, is becoming financially stable. Being financially stable is something we all want but don't know exactly how to get there. We have all the excuses. We don't want to do the work. We don't want to sacrifice for for the short-term to better the long-term. We get distracted by something shinny. We let life's road bumps stop us instead of working our way over them.  

We want what we want and we want it now.

The only problem is becoming financially stable takes the 3 D's...dedication, determination, and discipline. And a little planning for emergencies and the future.

It seems like a lot...and it is. But anyone can set a goal or resolution to become financially independent, as long as they are ready to take that first step.

What is the first step is to really want to be financially stable enough to make the necessary changes in life. That's easy: making up your mind that you are ready for the journey. Going into a resolution such as this, that would change your entire life, requires a huge amount of the 3 D's. If your not completely ready to make the needed life changes, how can you succeed?

The 3 D's are the backbone of PLANNING YOUR WORK. Planning is the most important part of any goal, especially financial goals. When making a resolution or goal, the best approach is to sit down and figure out what is and is not working. Make a plan to fix what isn't, and to continue or improve what is working. Then, you get to work!

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