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-James W. Frick

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

6 Must-Have Millionaire Habits


Savvy Sugar recently ran a post about 6 Good Habits of Millionaires recently that I found pretty interesting. While these 6 habits are from millionaires, they are common sense behaviors. I would like to think that any person picked at random on the street would know to do these things. I guess what makes millionaires, in particular, experts these habits is that they are millionaires and I..sadly, am not...yet.

Learn From Your Mistakes.

Don't dwell on the mistake, focus on the lesson. Many of the wealthiest Americans endured some tough obstacles in their careers, but they learned from those experiences to keep them on the right track later on. I call these life lessons. They suck at the time but usually have some type of lesson....if you pay attention.

Look For Value.

People who have money to spend don't skip the process of comparing prices and seeking out deals just because they can technically afford to pay for the most expensive item. They look for value. This makes me think about the differences between "OLD" money and "NEW" money. NEW money wants to show everyone they have money. OLD money doesn't have to show anyone they have money, because they know they have money. 

Find Your Niche.

Think you'll hit the jackpot by doing something everyone else can do? Not likely. Most people who earn big bucks have found a niche that increases their demand and therefore, their paychecks. Not sure what your niche is just yet? That's OK, for now, work on becoming indispensable at your job. DO what YOU do BEST!

Be in Control of Your Money.

If you're not paying attention to where your money is going, then you're not in total control of your money. People who accomplish their goals get there by understanding how their spending habits, debt, and assets play into the big financial picture. Educate yourself on money matters and be accountable for your personal finances. No one cares about YOUR money like YOU do!

Avoid Frivolous Fees.

People don't build their nest eggs by letting pointless fees slide. Familiarize yourself with the policies of anyone with the ability to charge extra — banks, credit card companies, your cell phone provider, you name it. Those fees add up to money in your pocket. Every little bit counts. Imagine if you put the money you waste a year into a retirement fund, instead of back to the bank or whoever. Remember compound interest is your best friend as far as retirement counts.

Believe in Yourself.

Of the wealthiest Americans on the Forbes 400 list, many of them are self-made. Luck may have played a small role here and there, but in most cases it was about taking calculated risks and standing behind ideas, even when others are critical. Believe that you deserve a better life that gaining control of YOUR money would bring. Believe you deserve to give your family and yourself to make the right decisions with your money.

See, all things a non-millionaire can do. Just because you dont have money doesn't mean you have to live and make decisions as if you were a millionaire. Who knows, maybe these habits will lead you to millions....

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