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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Warren Buffett, Jay-Z, and Cartoons

Remember awhile back when I told you all about a meeting between 3 super rich guys got together to have milkshakes and discuss money?


Well, it seems as though 2 of those men, Warren Buffett and Jay-Z, are bringing their financial super powers together to educate kids about money.


Buffett has started an online series aimed at teaching children about financial responsibility and the entrepreneurial spirit. The series, called the “Secret Millionaires Club” is set to air on the tv channel The Hub, a cartoon channel for kids, on October 23. And who else but Hova lends his voice and commercial appeal to this first televised episode.

Along with a tv series focused on teach financial literacy, the program will also features a “Learn and Earn” promotion to help get this important message out. The program is sponsored by Over 100,000 financial educational kits will be sent out to teachers across the country. The same day, the “Grow Your Own Business Challenge” debuts. The challenge is an online competition designed to stimulate kids’ entrepreneurial ambitions.

To view the 26 webisodes, visit

I think this is an amazing idea! Educating about the right way to handle and value money is a passion of mine. I love that Buffett is sharing his financial genius with a group that will actually listen, kids, is great! Consider the fact that Buffett has been a major financial player for the better part of his 81 years and realize that MOST men in his position don’t want others to know what they know or have what they have.

This is a great idea that I hope to be able to implement in the near future with schools in the DC area. After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. With the way things are going for our country economically, we need a generation that knows how to value and handle money properly to get us out of this current mess we were left with are struggling with now.


Yet another reason why I want to be like Warren Buffet when I grow up!

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