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Friday, October 21, 2011

PF4TP: We're Here to Help


Personal Finance 4 The People (PF4TP) aims to reach out to those individuals who lack financial education including budgeting, saving, prioritizing, and debt reduction and management all while instilling the importance of being Financially Independent. Financial Independence occurs when an individual has control over their finances and has at least a basic understand of their cash flow allowing them more control over their daily lives. We realize this journey is a whole personal make-over and we provide support for those moments during the journey when all seems impossible and one step forward leads to two steps back. With a societal focus, PF4TP focuses on those types of behaviors that are often cyclical and universal to those who are minorities in the general society who are underemployed, unemployed, or disenfranchised by a system that is failing to meet its own expectations. We teach that controlling one’s Financial Independence allows for a sense of empowerment that alleviates stress, as they will have an Emergency Fund, debt management skills, an understanding of priorities, and even possess the knowledge to pass this information to their children so future generations will not be trapped in the negative cyclical patterns. Alleviating this stress from their lives will, in turn, alleviate stresses from their communities as the residents will provide newly increased tax revenue into their communities; resulting in a positive cyclical effect on the community as a whole.

With a background in Sociology, PF4TP sees the “big picture” of how these underserved groups are being disenfranchised by their lack of financial knowledge and the lack of financial education provided to them. Cycles of negative financial habits have been passed from generation to generation leaving these groups underserved and disenfranchised more and more each generation. PF4TP firmly believes with education and guidance those who want to be Financially Independent should be able to set financial and life goals and reach them.

What sets PF4TP apart from other financial type businesses is our focus on personal finance from a societal view point. Believing this understanding of the importance Financial Independence leads to individual and communities these groups represent – often times overlapping – becoming more productive and self-sustaining.

Aside from working with individuals, we intend to teach basic financial classes where the education will be accompanied by optional guidance just as one would receive if they were working with PF4TP on an individual basis. Ideally, we aim to work with community organizations, churches, and schools to teach financial education as an additional aspect of the services provided.

Becoming Financially Independent is not just an individual accomplishment, it is a community accomplishment!

Plan YOUR work! Work YOUR Plan!
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