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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Life and Times of the Resourceful Resourceless - Managing Day-to-Day

In today's times too many to count are struggling to survive simply because they are elderly or unable to work. The resources they need to survive are being played with like their lives are part of some giant game of monopoly. These tales are of and from one of the many who are forced to find resources where there are none. (These are the words of my own mother. She has always managed to make something from nothing - even if it wasn't much. I hope her words touch you as they do me, she surprises me everyday. She truly is my hero!)


In this household (I started to say mine, but it is my mothers actually, I only Parent the Parent). We do manage from day to day, moment to moment. Managing isn't always about money or resources but about life itself. Down to Earth and in your face life. Resources are not there for the toothache I have at least once a week.

I am a veteran but do not have 60% disability to warrant my teeth being pulled. Not tooth but teeth where more that likely the medicine that the VA Hospital put me on caused my teeth to break off and fall out or the dentist that used medication that I am allergic too,two shots at that. That is life and I manage to make it till another week without a toothache.

I manage to eat something from the 200.00 in Food Stamps I receive for me. The state I live in sees me as disabled twice. Workers Compensation Permanent Partial Diability (8% of my whole body) and the dreaded welfare department shows me as disabled to give me a Medical Card that no body takes. In your face life.

Money, resources, happy words too many but sad words for this household. Money a Retirement Social Security check meant for one, but remember I am a seperate household for Food Stamps and feed us on 200.00 a month in Food Stamps. I manage to do it. I won't be able to feed my mother if I have to make or buy babyfood to eat, so I do what I have to.

A little secret Medicaid will pull your teeth but that is all. That is a blessing if you find someone who is taking the Medical Card. Managing and in your face for a moment. Well will get back to you later mother fell or sat down in the floor. More than likely sat in the floor (she has Alzheimers and is more than a handful, but I manage to handle that too).

I was right sat in the floor and time to go manage from day to day, moment to moment. Life is calling me to reality.


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