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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Be's a TRICK...

So often people tell me that they have never had a credit card and so often I’m still surprised by this. I know exactly why these people say this and can definitely see their side, but…it also makes no sense in making life easier for them. Having a credit card is a HUGE responsibility and test of will – see I can understand why some people feel it best not to have a credit card – but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Having a credit card helps you build a credit history – what kind of history depends on various things like your financial value system, your current financial situation, and how strong your will is. Credit cards help you to build a credit history by being part of a couple things such as length of credit history and debt-to-credit ratio, while also giving lenders a sense of your likelihood of paying back the loan by analyzing your payment history. Credit cards are pretty important.

If you mess up with your credit cards, the effects can be felt for YEARS!


If you are an adult and have never had a credit card, I’m sure you have noticed how much more difficult things like renting a car or buying anything with an interest rate.

Is there a right way to have and use credit cards? Sure, and it can even work FOR you.

The main things to remember when using a credit card are:

• Always try to pay the balance in full each month.

• If you have a rewards card, it is extra important NOT to carry a balance because the payments go to the oldest purchases first.

• You don’t even have to carry the card with you, just use it once a month to buy a pack of gum or something, and then pay it off.

• If you have debt spread over several cards, you can try to qualify for a 0% or lower than your current interest to pay the debt quicker. BUT you have to pay the debt off by the time the offer is up or you lose the game.

• Try to only use your card for large purchases only when necessary.
Trying to get a credit card as without ever having one or messing up with one is a bit harder. A secured or lower limit card, usually with a fee. Check out to find the right card for you….

And remember to USE IT RIGHT! ...well try to anyway....


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