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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Life and Times of the Resourceful Resourceless

In today's times too many to count are struggling to survive simply because they are elderly or unable to work. The resources they need to survive are being played with like their lives are part of some giant game of monopoly. These tales are of and from one of the many who are forced to find resources where there are none.

Who is holding the Social Security checks, Veterans Adminstration, Medicaid, and Medicare hostage? Not the President of the United States. The Republicans and Democrats.

The way the Social Security works is a person receives a monthly check directly deposited into a bank account. The person cannot have over a certain amount of money in their account or they lose their benefits. So no savings allowed. They are suppose to be poor and needy right? Poor and needy people cannot have a savings for emergencies or anything else, according to the government.

With everything that is happening with the economy my mother, like many others, is facing the chance of losing her Social Security check - her means of survival - because the people in charge want to help those who have instead of the have-nots.

My mother lives on Social Security and knows that most days her medicine, rent, utilities, and groceries are being held hostage by the people she voted for to protect her. She can barely make due; if it wasn't for family and the few programs in our community she couldn't make it from month to month. Sadly, too many others are in the same position.

My mother just turned 75, is blind, has had 4 operations for eye cancer resulting in having her "good" eye removed, and suffers from Alzheimers. She worked until she could work no longer and now that she is in need she has to add worrying about her Social Security check to her health concerns. It doesn't seem fair. It's not fair.

Lack of Social Security for one month is worse to her than having an eye removed. Social Security is her only means of survivial, without it she will lose her home, be without the medicine she needs, and all the hard, back breaking labor she provided for her community - that promised to care for her as long as she pays into the Social Security fund - would be for not.

I hope she doesn't remember this part of her life since today she is a teenager again and none of this exists. But who knows what tomorrow brings or what she will be cognizant enough to understand.

Let my mother (and the countless others) continue to live or survive.

My grandmother - one of the many nameless, faceless, resourceless...

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