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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Cost of Living is Killing Me

Not too long ago my car insurance was up for it’s 6 month evaluation and despite the fact that I had no claims filed, or anything that would justify raising my premium, my premium went up a significant amount. Those who have come to know me know that I didn’t just take this without inquiring about the increase. The lady on the other end of the phone could only explain to me that my increase was due to the weak economy. So, because the economy sucks they have to pay more to insure me, thus I have to pay more to insure me. Great! Not long after, I received a letter from my health insurance claiming the same thing, resulting in an $8 increase. Yeah, it’s only $8 but $8 is $8 is $8. You feel me?

The cost of living is killing me, everywhere from the gas pump to the grocery store to the public transportation I take daily to and from work. Even though I get reimbursed a certain amount of my transportation costs, a certain amount is deducted from my check – pre taxes, I still have to put money on my SmartTrip card every 3-4 because I can’t afford to put much more than $20 or $40 at a time on it. Not to mention, in these hard times, many people aren't getting raises or even cost of living raises at work.


Don’t think you are the only one struggling out there, because you are not! We all are. Most people just rather complain about it instead of trying to tackle the issue by getting their finances together. Having control over your finances gives you a freedom many of us don’t have. You get to keep more of your money for yourself. That’s what we all dream about but are too embarrassed to admit. Not me! I want my money that I work hard for to stay where I put it, not in someone else’s pockets.
The fact is…WE ARE ALL STRUGGLING. I have friends and family in worse situations than mine and I try to do what I can to help with what I can. It’s not just you.

I know I keep repeating myself, but I want it to stick in your mind. We are all struggling; we are all in debt to someone. Now isn’t a time to be afraid to ask for help, now is the time to take action before the situation gets much worse.

I am just like you in that I struggle to, but I am also here to help get us out of this struggle. If just reading my stories, tips, or what have you helps you gain that financial freedom then great. If me personally guiding you through your journey is what you need, great. I want us all to have the financial freedom and independence we all deserve.

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