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Friday, July 15, 2011

Confessions of a Couponer


A couple posts back I wrote about my interest in those who coupon and are successful at it, well it turns out one of my good old college buddies is a couponer. I asked her a couple of questions, check out the interview:


Thanks for agreeing to do this. I find this so fascinating and want to get into this a little
bit. One thing that I do use that helps with coupons and savings and paying back my
loans is using UPromise…if you don’t use it you should check it out.

What got you started couponing?

I first started “couponing” 2 years ago when I had Audrey. After having the baby I spent three months at home in between jobs. During that time I started using coupons for baby supplies and I found out about CVS. After returning to work I ran out of time and just did very basic formula and diaper couponing. Recently my best friend’s husband started getting into “extreme couponing” the TLC show. So I watched a few episodes and got motivated to start couponing again.

Where do you get your coupons? Newspaper? Websites?

Mostly the newspaper, I buy one or two newspapers on Sundays that have coupons. On Thursdays I receive a free paper which includes a set of coupons (usually). I also get coupons from Target,, A great way to save is use store coupons which usually can be found on specific store websites. CVS (one of my main store that I stop at on a weekly basis) has a machine that will print store coupons in the store you can print new coupons every day/visit.

Do you have a strategy?

I try to make sure I always save at least 50 or 60% on any items that I’m buying for storing. My goal is always to get the best price.

Do you buy crazy amounts of stuff like on the show Extreme Couponing?

I don’t think so but it depends on what you consider crazy. I do usually buy multiples. Like today I purchased 2 packs of disposable razors because they were free. Also I have purchased three mayos, mustards, and A1 sauces at a time. The idea is you buy multiples of the items so that it will last you until the next time the super sale and coupon combination come along. From what I’ve read it tends to be sales rotate on a 6 month schedule (but I’m to new to this to really tell)

What has been your biggest savings since starting?

Well things I have gotten for FREE: razors, pasta, seasoning packets, shower gel, an air freshener, kitty treats, and paper towels

Do you have any tips or suggestions for someone who wants to pick up

Its a process that takes time so you have to be patient in the beginning. Once you get in the habit the whole process will be less involved. My biggest suggestion is find the closest drug store and learn about their specific program. I started with CVS because that was the closest to me and their shopper program is pretty easy to use. Last week I add Rite Aid to my shopping plans and they seem to have an even better program. There are tons of videos on that break down “how to shop at rite aid or CVS”. Also as soon as you commit to couponing you have to begin organizing your coupons. There are several different methods - try to pick one method and stick with it.

Stay tuned for more Confessions of a Couponer....

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  1. I love the show "extreme couponing", I too, am in the process of couponing. I bought a newspaper, and every time they have coupons in the mailbox, I get them, look at them and go from there.. I am still new as well.. it does take time. When I get my own spot, I will be able to do it the way I want. My friends think I am crazy... I am a college student, trying to save money.. everyone should use coupons.

    By: Nita