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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Favorite Financial Things: UPromise/E-Rewards

It’s a two for today…

I have been a member of UPromise for about 3 years now, but never really paid it any attention because I, apparently, wasn’t using it right. I wasn’t seeing any benefit…


Same with E-Rewards Opinion Panel Surverys, I participate in the surveys but just let the balance grow because I didn’t know what to do with it.

The other day, UPromise sent me an email about deals with Omaha Steaks. Food will get me every time. I decided to actually look over the site and found they have grocery coupons, offer percentages of purchases made with debit/credit cards and those savings cards you get from places like Giant and CVS. Not only that but they have a section for shopping online and special deals through affiliated websites. Click here to find out exactly how UPromise works. All these deals give a percentage towards your Sallie Mae loans. The amounts are small and it takes times to build up but you can send invitations to friends and family to help grow your balance. I call mine the “Save Rikki from Sallie Mae” fund and plan on hitting up my friends and family to sign up.


My account balance after 3 years was something crazy low like $2.00, but now that I’m checking the website daily for deals and realized the E-Rewards Surveys I get several times a day is linked to UPromise, my account balance has jumped to over $50.

E-Rewards is a product research survey site that pays various amounts, depending on the type and length of the survey. The balance adds up and once you reach, say, $50 or $150 you can transfer $5 or $50 to your UPromise account, which can be transferred to your Sallie Mae loans.

Not only do you save money on everyday purchases but you get a percentage towards your loans; you can’t beat that! And the surveys are easy and usually don’t take more than 20 minutes. When their powers are combined and used for the greater good, you can chip away at your loans AND save money on things you spend money on anyway.


Be strategic about how you use these services and you will see your loan balance slowly fall. Just one more step towards your financial independence…

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