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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do you lead a Double Life?

Yahoo Finance Recently posted an article on the Double Life of the American Worker and featured 6 people, who for various reasons are working second jobs. There were Marketing Specialists, administrators, and even CEO’s on the list. The second jobs ranged from Ice Hockey Referee to Obituary writer to barista.


Each of the people featured in the article had a financial situation that seems to be pretty common these days. They were experiencing lay-offs and downsizing at their full-time employment, just graduating from college with high student loan debt, being unable to find full-time work comparable to previous employment, and so on.

I have been contemplating taking on a second job to help with debt and savings, but I have been unable to commit myself to the idea of giving up my free time. I guess I am not ready yet to make that step – even though I know it would help me get out of debt quicker. One problem I keep running into is the hours most of the part-time jobs want you to work. I don’t get off from my full-time job until 5pm and most of the office type part-time positions require working during the day. I have been thinking of tutoring, but after school programs are usually over by 5 or 6 pm. There are private tutoring services that would be more willing to work with my schedule and maybe even off weekend hours. I have a paralegal certification so I am also looking for contract work as a paralegal that would fit my schedule. This would allow me to gain experience in a field that I am interested in and earn extra money. Retail isn’t an option for me, right now, because I am unwilling to give up my entire weekends and evenings to work a position that doesn’t pay well.

I may be naive about this whole part-time job situation, but the job has to be something that I am comfortable working. I am getting closer and closer to the realization that to do the things I have planned or even the things I need to do, I need a part-time job. But the right kind of part-time job…at least until I am forced to do otherwise.

Do you have a Double Life? What types of positions or money making ways have you committed yourself to?

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  1. i am considering taking a job that is not of my own making :-(